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This movie is not rated. It contains nudity and mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

FLESH & BLOOD is the extraordinary documentary about Guinness Book of World Records body modification artist and cult figure, Steve Haworth.

Haworth spawned a worldwide following hooked on his surgical innovations. He's the answer for people not satisfied with even full body tattoos and piercings. They come to him from around the world looking for a radical change to the shape of their heads, arms, and bodies. He does this by implanting crosses, stars, and other shapes of all sizes under their skin. One surgical technique provides his clients with the ability to screw and unscrew ornamental objects into their bodies. Haworth performs his art in his Phoenix, Arizona home. He is not a doctor and does not use anesthesia, and struggles to stay on the right side of the law.

Shot over a five year period, Flesh & Blood explores Haworth's evolution as an artist and his influence in

spawning a subculture willing to undergo truly painful procedures for a radical appearance they can only get from him. Flesh & Blood explores why they do it. For some, it's for attention. For others, it's for sexual kicks, or even for the pain of the procedure itself.

The film was produced and directed by Larry Silverman, veteran writer/producer/director of documentary television for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, among others. This is his first independent project. "When I first discovered that here in America there existed extremes beyond tattoos and piercings," Silverman said, "it led me to Haworth. I found him to be more than a freak. He is a smart meticulous man with a background in art, engineering, and medical instrumentation manufacturing. He inhabits an astonishing underground world few realize exists. So I decided to document it through his eyes."